Saji Sam
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Saji is a senior partner in our Energy and Natural Resources Practice, based in Houston.

With more than 25 years of energy experience — spanning across water and power utilities as well as oil and gas — he leads our utilities business and has extensive expertise in energy strategy, policy formulation, and organizational and operations performance improvements.  

Over the last decade, he has leveraged his broad industry knowledge and skillset, pivoting to building out the utilities practice in the Middle East, and focusing his expertise on water and sustainable energy. 

There is still a lot more for me to do than what I have achieved. I believe in pushing the boundaries beyond consulting

The energy transition and the prioritization of a future for a planet that is not fossil-fuel based are important to Saji, who works towards helping his clients create national level strategies and policies that drive reform and transformation within the broader energy sector. He also supports and builds regulatory platforms that ensure the utilities industry has robust regulations in place.

Outside of work, he dedicates his spare time to his musical talents. A skilled lead guitarist, he is part of rock band and has performed at live gigs around the world, and overseas. A fan of nature and water ecosystems, he also spends time gardening and aqua scaping.