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KK Venkata
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KK has been providing energy, operations and industrial insights to global clients for over 15 years and focused in Southeast Asia over the past nine years. 

KK is a dedicated problem-solver who is willing to go the distance for his clients. He is driven by challenges and finds opportunities for businesses to transform and grow during turbulent times. KK is known for helping companies operate and grow in the global market. He advises on navigating pricing, supply chains, cost structures, and the complexities of changing dynamics.

This is a great time to be in the energy sector, the fundamentals of how society consumes energy are changing and we are altering how it is produced in the future. If companies can truly invest in transformation and act on that investment, the impact will benefit society for years to come

Asian clients are at the cusp of strong growth. Finding the right balance between growth, profit and sustainability would help establish them as global leaders in the markets. Many companies are struggling to overcome the cost barriers involved with environmentally conscious business practices. KK looks forward to finding solutions that can address these concerns and improve the sector at large, especially within managing efficiency, forming new partnerships, excelling in their operations, and improving their supply chain strategy.

Clients often say that they enjoy working with us because we are there until the end, and we don’t leave once the project is over. We support their ongoing development throughout their whole journey and have built our reputation on that level of dedication

KK enjoys his work at Oliver Wyman because he has had many opportunities to travel, as an avid traveler himself, KK has ventured to over 40 countries in his lifetime. KK is also a passionate cook who makes delicious meals for friends and family.