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Alexander Franke
Partner, Global Head of Risk and Trading
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Alexander is a partner and global head of Risk and Trading Practice, based in Zurich. He has worked in depth with commodity  trading and energy companies, as well as with industrial corporates and major financial institutions on marketing, trading and commercial optimization related engagements, as well as on Enterprise Risk Management projects. 

Project experience includes:

  • For energy trading companies: Design of asset-backed origination strategies with the goal of building a portfolio of structural short positions
  • For a European energy company: Design of an origination and trading strategy across energy commodities including natural gas
  • For a major global LPG supplier: Design and implementation of an LPG  trading and origination strategy
  • For integrated oil & gas companies: Support in setup of trading organizations
  • For a large emerging  markets bank:  Development of the target-operating model and location due diligence for the new commodities trading business (oil)
  • For a large emerging  markets bank:  Development of the target-operating model and location due diligence for new commodities trading business
  • For a major international oil company: Development of a trading strategy with focus on crude and products in FSU and APAC
  • For a major global energy trading organization: Interim Chief Risk Officer
  • For a major integrated European energy company with significant oil & gas upstream: Development of long-term marketing and hedging strategy for the trading and marketing arm
  • For numerous clients in the fields of oil & gas, energy & utilities, transportation, manufacturing, aerospace & defense as well as other industrial sectors: Development of Enterprise Risk Management frameworks
  • For the upstream arm of a major national oil company: Establishment of an ERM and dynamic financial planning framework
  • For a large Russian oil producer: Developed an enterprise risk management model accounting for the impact of key project delays
  • For a large European oil major: Developed a risk-return portfolio-optimisation approach with underlying analytics to optimise capital allocation
  • For the marketing unit of a major European crude producer: Developed an initial risk management framework and implementation options, created a bespoke risk model and roadmap for proprietary trading build-out; discussed appropriate performance benchmarks
  • For a major European energy trading company: Conceptual design, prototyping and implementation of trading risk quantification framework
  • For a major oil trading company: Development of a performance management framework

Alexander graduated with a degree in industrial engineering from Technical University of Karlsruhe in 2004 and holds an MSc in Operations Research from University of Massachusetts, as well as an MBA from College des Ingenieurs.