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Curtis Underwood
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Curt is a Partner based in Boston, who helps clients solve their biggest operational challenges.

Previous roles in the energy, construction and manufacturing sectors have provided him with real-world experience that influences a focus on practical, implementable solutions. He uses that expertise alongside his education in engineering and business to actively problem-solve for clients, something he loves to do. Clients and colleagues turn to Curt to develop winning operations strategies that improve efficiency and effectiveness in their business and in collaboration with partners. In addition to traditional client projects, Curt has led several pro-bono social impact projects. He works with charities, institutions and social entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and work toward bettering society at large.

A continuing challenge for the industry will be creating a positive customer experience in a world of heightened consumer expectations. Innovators have changed the baseline of expectations across all industries from rapid delivery, to ease of system interfaces to integrating technology into supply chains, as well as pricing transparency and comparability.

Curt is known for his ability to unlock value in a company's supply chain and core operations. He utilizes lessons learned from past experiences to help solve clients' most difficult business issues. Curt seeks to foster a cohesive and collaborative environment when working with clients and is grateful for each opportunity he has to address complex problems, improve business results, and innovate beyond the status quo to drive client impact.

For any industry or discipline, it is important to listen to clients, asking great questions along the way and putting their needs first – thinking about yourself and your team as an integral part of their business, working together to tackle their toughest challenges.

Curt is ambitious within his professional career and motivated as a father and community member. He prioritizes raising his two kids to help them navigate the world as they grow up and make it a better place for the future.

Curts holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Lehigh University, a SM in Civil Engineering (supply chain) from MIT, and an MBA from MIT Sloan.