Jessica Stansbury
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Jessica, a member of the Pricing, Sales, Marketing, and Energy practices, brings to her work an extensive experience in business model design, commercial excellence, pricing and revenue management, and customer-centricity and loyalty programs.

As an undergrad, she majored in management science and engineering. While the specific content of her studies may not seem relevant to the travel and transportation industries, the foundational approaches it provided her for researching, structuring, and solving tough problems have proved invaluable.

“In the real world, things are not black and white—there’s much more uncertainty,” she says. “Gaining the comfort to work in this uncertainty and accepting that many things are simply not knowable is critical to deliver our clients with impactful recommendations that reflect multiple scenarios and sensitivities.”

Jessica's interests include availability optimization, partnership development, co-brand negotiation, and program separation and spin-off. She is also the co-author of the article Blockchain Will Transform Customer Loyalty Programs published in Harvard Business Review in 2017.  

COVID-19 has overhauled customer expectations and preferences, and companies not investing in keeping up with changing customers will be quickly left behind.

jessica's work focuses on everything that is related to the customer—pricing, sales, and marketing.  “I help clients strengthen their relationships with customers and get more value out of those relationships,” she explains. That entails helping clients optimize pricing through complex analytics to deliver personalized offers to customers.

For many years, she loved that her work gave her the opportunity to travel and learn about different cultures.  That, however, changed after her first daughter was born. “My priorities shifted and travel became much less attractive,” Jessica says. By refocusing the clients she was covering, she was able to cut down on travel and gain flexibility over her work schedule. “I now have two girls and have been able to spend more time at home with them and to be present as they grow up than I would have with most of professions.”

All sectors have been deeply affected by the pandemic. In response, some clients have turned inward, focusing on short-term costs savings and cutting all investments in relationships with their customers and revenue growth, an approach she believes is short-sighted. “Now is exactly the time to be investing in customers to solidify relationships when competitors are likely neglecting them,” says Jessica.  “Never has the need been greater to invest in innovating offers to become more flexible, more personalized, more digital, and to better reflect the elevated expectations of customers.”