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Jessica Stansbury
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Jessica is a partner in Oliver Wyman’s Energy and Natural Resources Practice, specializing in Pricing, Sales, and Marketing.

Over her nearly 20-year tenure at the firm, she has supported chemical and industrial companies in commercial excellence transformations to achieve revenue growth and margin expansion.

Jessica adopts an owner-operator mindset and has spearheaded multiple large-scale transformation programs that have delivered 500 basic points in margin impact. She also led the development of Oliver Wyman’s Control Center, a suite of customizable decision-support tools to drive business performance.

Her areas of interest encompass growth strategy and strategic planning, price defense and inflation management, salesforce effectiveness and enablement, as well as loyalty and demand generation. This expertise has underpinned her recent work focused on achieving growth amidst volatile times.

In the real world there is a significant degree of uncertainty. Being comfortable in operating in this uncertainty and accepting that many outcomes are simply unpredictable is critical in delivering impactful recommendations that reflect multiple scenarios and sensitivities

Jessica's work focuses on strengthening clients’ relationships with their existing customers and getting more value from them. For Jessica, it’s about more than just understanding the customer — companies need to foster loyalty and engagement with consumers throughout their lifecycles and purchase journeys.

While working at Oliver Wyman, she discovered a passion for investing in and developing people. The most rewarding aspect of her job is witnessing team members evolve and advance in their careers.

In addition to her role as a mentor, she exemplifies work-life balance, leveraging her flexible work schedule to spend more time with her two young daughters.

Jessica pursued management science and engineering at Stanford University. This education provided her with foundational approaches for researching, structuring, and solving complex problems, which have proven invaluable in Jessica’s role within the Energy and Natural Resources advisory.