The Actuarial Practice of Oliver Wyman uses mathematical and statistical modeling skills and our qualitative assessment methodologies to assist our clients in evaluating and addressing risk. Our solutions help clients to manage and prepare for the potential financial consequences of uncertain future events.

Our consultants bring a combination of broad-based expertise with specialized knowledge of specific risks, allowing us to provide independent, objective advice. Our actuaries have the highest professional qualifications and are recognized as industry experts. We are committed to unparalleled expertise in actuarial and risk sciences, continually renewed by the breadth of our consultants' experiences and independent research.  We continuously research methods for evaluating, measuring, and reporting on risk in the three primary areas of risk for organizations: property and casualty, life and annuity, and healthcare.

Our philosophy is simple: Exceptional risk modeling and more robust analysis leads to better management of risk, adding value to our clients' businesses. Our approach is founded on a close partnership - we work together with our clients to find solutions. We provide actuarial models that are practical and realistic and reflect timely information. We also provide our clients with the qualitative aspects of risk. Just as important, we present the results and analysis so that they are understandable to all users. Our risk modeling and enterprise risk management toolkits give clients a better understanding of their business and product risk profile, leading to improved risk management and enhanced stakeholder value.

Actuarial Insights