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Giammaria Famiglietti
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A Principal in Oliver Wyman Actuarial’s Milan office, Giammaria specializes in supporting insurance entities in risk management, sustainability and ESG risks, regulatory compliance, corporate governance and ICS, and data quality.

Giammaria brings over a decade of experience within the insurance sector. Prior to Oliver Wyman, he worked for the Italian Insurance Association, Allianz SE, and two other major consultancies. In recent years, he has worked on several projects involving the implementation and the fine tuning of data quality frameworks, specialistic support to key functions, operational risk management and fine tuning of reporting frameworks. He has also run market-wide initiatives, including reporting, governance, sustainability and anti-fraud, alongside the National Association.

Looking toward the future, Giammaria notes that we are all facing change, and that challenge and opportunities are actually two sides of the same coin. “It’s all about how we approach them,” he says. Team members seek out Giammaria for this kind of wisdom – beyond discussing project activities or opportunities, he’ll catch up over coffee and openly discuss doubts and suggestions.

The role of a consultant goes far beyond project implementation. It’s about trust, being a reference point for your client to discuss 360°, working together, and sharing ideas towards a common goal.

To those entering the field, Giammaria’s advice is to believe in what you are doing. “You can do a great job and realize outstanding results only if you believe in what you are doing. This will turn into better results for your client and higher productivity for your team,” he says. Acknowledging the pressure of working under tight deadlines and client expectations, Giammaria says picking up yoga helped him achieve better balance and has made a real difference in his daily routine.

Giammaria has a master’s degree in economics and finance from LUISS University of Rome.