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What We Do

Succeeding in the life insurance marketplace calls for not merely keeping pace with, but also being at the forefront of change. We deliver actionable insights and a clear path to improved financial results to life insurers’ challenges, be they strategic, operational, internal, or external. With offices in North America, Bermuda, Europe, and Asia, our global practice is positioned to serve clients — whenever, as well as wherever, those challenges arise.

Actuarial transformation

We develop technology solutions that are revolutionizing actuarial departments.

Appointed actuaries

Our qualified actuaries attest to the appropriateness of actuarial valuations and sign statements of actuarial opinion under the US, Canadian. and IFRS standards.

Mergers and acquisitions

We provide sell-side appraisals and buy-side due diligence support.

Product development and pricing

We advise on life and annuity product development and provide pricing execution, review, and support.

Actuarial modeling services

We help design, build, optimize and review actuarial models, as well as perform or support model conversions.

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What We Think

Benchmarking COVID-19: An Actuarial Perspective

Benchmarking COVID-19: An Actuarial Perspective

Our actuaries provide insights as to what insurers can expect in terms of mortality rates based on prior global epidemics, examine a range of plausible COVID-19 mortality rate scenarios, and break down COVID-19 mortality rates by attained age and pre-existing conditions.

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Achieving Success With PolySystems

Welcome to the second volume of our polysystems newsletter.

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Profiting From Prophet, Vol 7

FIS Insurance Risk Suite.

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Getting The Most Out of AXIS, Vol 16

Investing in your end-to-end solution.

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Covid-19 Impact on US Life Insurers

Observations On Q4 2020 Earnings Calls.

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