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Robert Winawer
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Robert Winawer is a partner in our Hartford, CT office. He has over twenty-five years of actuarial experience in the life and annuity industry. His areas of expertise include capital management, financial reporting, reinsurance, advanced data analysis, financial planning, and risk management.

Prior to joining Oliver Wyman, Robert was a Senior Vice President at Global Atlantic Financial Group. Robert has held positions at other insurance companies, auditing, and consulting both in the US and internationally.

Robert’s professional experiences include:

  • Led FP&A for one company including implementation of models-based forecasting
  • Assisted foreign insurers to implement US GAAP
  • Designed and implemented capital management reinsurance structures
  • Managed regulatory and rating agency capital for a major insurer
  • Led over 15 company annual assumption reviews
  • Led assumption and reinsurance diligence for 15 appraisals
  • Served as appointed actuary of several insurance companies
  • Led actuarial valuation and financial reporting for several carriers on multiple US and international bases
  • Implemented and performed periodic NAIC C3P2 testing for a major Variable Annuity company
  • Managed a large reinsurance program profitability including negotiating rate increases
  • Led several insurance company liability management committees
  • Performed actuarial audits of many life and annuity companies
  • Implemented and performed periodic embedded value analyses of various life and annuity blocks of business
  • Implemented BSCR, ERR, and ORSA reporting

He is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries.