Drones: Packages Before People

Presenters: Anthony DiNota and Matt Riley

In this episode of the Oliver Wyman Velocity Podcast join Anthony DiNota, Vice President Oliver Wyman CAVOK, and Matt Riley, Senior Manager Oliver Wyman CAVOK as they continue the conversation around what challenges may still need to be scaled in order to fully utilize our logistic aviation landscape. 

What COVID-19 has taught us is that we need to be able to fulfill the last mile of the supply chain for critical materials that are necessary for life preservation
Anthony DiNota

Our latest episode offers an industry update with the most recent figures of registered drones vehicles and infrastructure requirements for long-haul delivery.

In addition, Matt and Anthony highlight the issue of protecting drones with encryption and cyber security measures - a technical solution which has not yet been fully explored and developed.

Then there is the obstacle of public acceptance - a  long debated challenge. But how does this issue relate to noise pollution?

Listen to our latest episode to learn why Matt and Anthony believe drone operators should be delivering packages before people. 

Hackers are smart people and we all know the term porch pirate, but I want to coin the term sky raiders. Because as drones come into neighborhoods for package delivery, we have to start thinking about the nefarious entities out there who may want to steal either the drone or the drones package
Matt Riley

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