Drones of Tomorrow

Speakers: David Marcontell, Steven Douglas

What does the skyscape of tomorrow look like? When can we expect flying taxis? How much did you know about drones ten to fifteen years ago?  And how will urban air mobility evolve for future generations?

The toys of yesterday are the taxis of tomorrow. As we fly towards the future of urban air mobility, a space where the industry is currently on the leading edge of transformation, moving from what was once theory to today's reality.

In this episode of the Oliver Wyman Velocity Podcast, join CAVOK’s David Marcontell, Partner and Steven Douglas, Vice President, as they explore the issues facing the regulatory landscape, take a closer look at the current use of drones and discuss when flying taxis will become an everyday reality.

"It's an interesting drone. The inside is 4x4 and it carries packages. It lands, delivers and people can pick up their packages from this drone"

Drones are already proving to be huge logistical problem-solvers in less populated areas. Slowly but consistently, delivery drones are being incorporated into the global logistics and distribution network. 

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