Aerospace Recovery Post COVID-19 Part 1

Presenters: Jérôme Bouchard and Ken Aso

This episode was first published on July 2,  2020.

How long will it take for the aerospace industry to recover from COVID-19? What are the implications for aerospace production in a post-pandemic world? And how can government intervention and new business models evolve to support an industry in dire trouble?

Only four months ago, it looked as though there would not be enough pilots or mechanics to handle what seemed to be an insatiable air travel demand. However, in the wake of the worldwide pandemic, the industry undoubtedly faces a contraction.

In this episode of the Oliver Wyman Velocity Podcast, join two of our transportation partners, Jérôme Bouchard and Ken Aso,  as they have a discussion around the current state of aerospace, and how the pandemic has triggered massive cutbacks in capacity, layoffs and order cancellations along the supply chain.


We are expecting a 50% decrease of aircraft production. Leading to a delivery of well below 1000 aircraft in 2020
Jérôme Bouchard

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In April, Ken Aso joined Oliver Wyman's Tom Cooper, Khalid Usman and, Brian Prentice for the webinar Impact of COVID-19: Fleet & MRO Forecast.  Listen to the replay of our experts speaking about the impact of COVID-19 on the commercial aviation industry and its aftermarket. 

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In the next episode of the Oliver Wyman Velocity Podcast, we will be joined again by Ken and Jérôme as they explore this topic further. 

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