AI For Governments

Oliver Wyman estimates that the efficiencies generated by artificial intelligence (AI) technology can support Middle Eastern government budgets by up to US $7BN annually.

However, the disconnect between vision and value, as well as reach and reality, has led to significant confusion over how governments can best access the benefits of AI.

Governments - thanks to their breadth (different sectors) and depth of data (citizen-level) are uniquely positioned to leverage AI projects to accomplish a broad range of objectives, including improving government services, creating citizen-centric public policies, helping public servants to be more inventive, and optimizing budget initiatives.

If the benefits of AI to governments were tangible by the end of 2019, they are now even more pertinent in the context of COVID-19. As AI is transforming the world we live in today, this report looks at four ways that AI is helping governments and provide a five-step strategy in order to help them identify and prioritize AI investments.

Four Ways AI Is Helping Governments

Source: Oliver Wyman Digital Insights

AI For Governments