Boardroom Volume 3

Strategies for success in food retail

Welcome to the third edition of Boardroom, the annual journal from the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and Oliver Wyman.

This collection of articles offers unique and timely insights to help senior food retail executives shape strategies and improve performance throughout their organizations.

The food retailing industry today, and in fact the entire retail sector, is undergoing a period of great disruption.This volume of Boardroom brings perspectives from leading experts to guide you in achieving radical change, whether by unlocking funds to grow your business, setting yourself apart from your competition, achieving smarter operations, or helping your business raise its speed limit and accelerate change.

We write about the importance of optimizing your existing and emerging assets, as well as leveraging your relationships with suppliers to provide you with a competitive advantage. We describe approaches you can use to differentiate your business from the rest, by building a winning private brands strategy or focusing on fresh offerings to your customers. We also clarify which of the plethora of emerging new technologies you should consider to take your business to the next level, and we make the case for elevating agility to be a top strategic priority.

FMI and Oliver Wyman created Boardroom for those senior executives responsible for guiding their companies in what may be the most challenging period in the industry’s history. We believe this edition of Boardroom will provide you with insights that will enable you to galvanize your business and put you in position to turn today’s disruption and discontinuity into opportunity.

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Boardroom Volume 3