Boardroom Volume 2

Strategies for success in food retail

Welcome to the second edition of Boardroom, an annual journal from the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and Oliver Wyman.

This collection of articles offers unique and timely insights to help senior food retail executives shape strategies and improve performance throughout their organizations.

This volume of Boardroom serves as a blueprint for senior food retail executives to address today’s most pressing challenges and opportunities. Rather than simply responding to these market shifts and dynamics, our leading experts recommend techniques to get ahead of the curve with transformations that will improve on your existing format(s) and provide a path forward to fundamentally change how your business operates – for the better.

FMI and Oliver Wyman created Boardroom for those senior executives responsible for guiding their companies in what may be the most challenging period in the industry’s history. We hope this edition of Boardroom becomes one of the most versatile and powerful tools in your arsenal – and that it helps you to reaffirm, revitalize, and reinvent for the future.

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Boardroom Volume 2