Gaining A Competitive Edge In A Digital World

Why is it fundamentally important for companies to increase their agility and raise their speed limit?

As most business leaders would agree, the world around us is rapidly changing and becoming ever more complex.

Nowhere is this more apparent than with consumer behavior, where change is exceedingly easy and, given new digital and mobile capabilities, the pace of change is accelerating.

While consumers can change at exponential speeds, organizational rate of change is much slower, linear at best. Large, incumbent corporations often have thousands to tens of thousands of employees, complex systems, and lengthy time horizons for decisions. Left unaddressed, the gap between customers and businesses will grow wider, leaving room for value to be created elsewhere.

The critical issue then for organizations is not simply change for the sake of change, but the rate at which change takes place: If you cannot change faster than the world around you, then inevitably you will be left behind; conversely, the ability to change faster than the outside gives you a significant, sustainable competitive edge.

Gaining A Competitive Edge In A Digital World