The Shift From Multilateralism To Nationalism

A selection of perspectives from this year's Financial Regulatory Outlook Conference in Rome

For decades the cooperation and interconnectedness of many Western nations came together under a collaborative banner of shared political and economic interests. Yet, in the last few years, social, political and economic uncertainty has given rise to a new age of populism and nationalism. Fueled by technological advances, this uncertain climate means that governments, banks and multinationals may need to adopt fresh thinking for the future - and change the way they talk in order to find new solutions.

At this year’s Financial Regulatory Outlook Conference, Oliver Wyman and CIGI brought together senior delegates from financial institutions, governments, and academia to discuss the new regulatory and political equilibrium. As the world shifts from multilateralism to nationalism in 2017, we asked a selection of our speakers and delegates to share some of their insights and takeaways from the conference.

This shift from multilateralism to nationalism is here to stay…the world faces some big important global challenges and we need to continue to talk, find common ground and find common solutions
Ted Moynihan, Global Head of Financial Services, Oliver Wyman