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What We Do

Covid-19 and spending pressures have increased the scrutiny on how well money and resources are allocated across the public sector. However, those in charge of large public organizations often struggle to have sufficient visibility and understanding of their teams' work and the associated costs. Our resource allocation analysis addresses this gap by giving senior leaders better visibility and control over what is happening across their responsibilities, ensuring resources and activities are optimally aligned to achieving their strategic goals.

Large legacy organizations often struggle to have sufficient grip on the work people are actually doing

Source: Oliver Wyman project experience and analyses, interviews, investment analysis reports, client interviews

We have deployed this approach to great effect at a number of government departments, tailoring our approach and timescales to best suit the clients needs and situation. Findings have underpinned large scale efficiency and transformation programmes across governments, giving clients visibility on how their people are spending their time, and ensuring that it is aligned to Department priorities.

average reallocation opportunities identified from addressable people costs
average number of discrete opportunities identified
largest individual opportunity identified
weeks to deploy in the standardized approach

What We Think

Resource allocation analysis builds a comprehensive view of how employees are currently spending their time, and a rich data set of the people resource cost of various activities. The results are very powerful and at times eye-opening, particularly when compared to the priorities of senior leadership, or when benchmarked against peer organizations.

Resource allocation analysis is one of the most powerful tools around when it comes to helping organizations build a detailed understanding of current spend. It is extremely effective at driving both targeted cost improvements and shaping broader transformation efforts
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