Women in financial services

Time to address the mid-career conflict

Placing more women in senior roles has been a priority in many countries for the past decade.

Targets have been set and initiatives launched in financial services, along with other industries where women are under-represented at the top. Yet progress remains slow.

Progress to gender balance is slow in financial services. Whilst awareness is increasing, real change is only catching up slowly
Anne Marion-Bouchacourt, Group Chief Country Officer for China, Société Générale

The problem is not that the financial services industry does not recognize the benefits of diversity. Many of those we interviewed, women and men, acknowledge them. Gender balance is an important aspect of diversity. It provides access to the full talent pool, better decision making by bringing together different perspectives, better service to customers by better representing them, and a stronger economy, thanks to greater and more effective participation in the workforce by women.

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We analyzed female representation on boards of directors and executive committees of nearly 400 organizations in 30 countries, looking back over 13 years. We surveyed more than 850 financial services professionals and interviewed over 100 financial services leaders.

A conversation with Astrid Jaekel and Rupesh Patel

Astrid Jaekel is our Partner in the Insurance practice and she is the lead author of the report. Rupesh Patel is an Associate in our Retail & Business Banking practice and he was part of the team

Women in financial services

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