Gender vs. leadership diversity

Women in Financial Services 2016

Several governments, regulators, and industry bodies have set quotas or targets for the percentage of senior business roles occupied by women.

In Norway, for example, the law requires that at least 40 percent of a company’s directors be women. The Netherlands has introduced a (non-binding) target for female representation on executive committees.

We need diversity of thought – gender diversity is only one part of this
Susan Skerritt, Americas Global Head of Institutional Cash Management & Head of Global Transaction Banking, Deutsche Bank

Gender diversity has many important facets. However, over the past decade, the case for gender diversity has become heavily focused on business performance and the potential economic benefits. In our discussions with senior leaders, we find that today many believe the pendulum might have swung too far in this regard, with the moral, societal, demographic, and broader experiential reasons for gender diversity getting ignored. We see growing signs that with the increased focus from organizations on culture, values, purpose, and meaningful societal impact in what they do, that a rebalancing is likely.

Gender vs. leadership diversity

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