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Women in Financial Services 2016

The United States has been at the epicenter of the debate and progress on gender equality for decades, and more recently has had a front-row view of the emerging values and preferences of the millennial generation. So where better than the US to explore how women’s experience with respect to gender in the financial services industry has changed over the past two to three decades?

To find out, we interviewed a range of senior female executives from across the financial services industry on their career experiences and trajectory. We also conducted focus groups with millennial women (each focus group having 8-15 participants) and individual conversations with young women working across the industry, ranging from investment banks and insurance companies to retail banks and payment companies. And we reviewed the growing body of literature on emerging millennial experiences to understand how the individual experiences we learned about in our conversations fit within the broader trends observed.

Millennial Women in Financial Services

Interview with Elizabeth St. Onge, Partner

Should I stay or should I go?

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