Connecticut Workers Compensation Claim Costs and Trends

The cost and frequency of workers compensation (WC) claims vary greatly between the different states.

Each individual state, or jurisdiction, has its own WC benefit structure, administrative system, and governing statutes. Compensation rates, maximum and minimum weekly benefits, automatic adjustments to maximum and minimum benefits, system utilization, industry mix, administrative efficiency, constraints on medical care, and general cost of living levels all vary, potentially significantly, by jurisdiction and represent a sample cross section of items that directly impact claim incidence and costs.

The purpose of this paper is to examine and discuss metrics specific to the State of Connecticut (CT). More precisely, the paper will:

  • Present current and historical claim incidence rates (claim frequency) in CT;
  • Present current and historical estimates of average WC claim costs in CT based on the most recently available insurance industry data;
  • Benchmark claim frequency, claim costs, and overall costs against Countrywide metrics; and
  • Discuss CT’s relative WC cost ranking compared to other states.

Connecticut Workers Compensation Claim Costs and Trends