GDA International Downstream Conference 2023

Location: Exhibition World Bahrain Date: February 15, 2023


The GDA International Downstream Conference and Exhibition is the leading Middle East strategic platform for international downstream professionals to address global business challenges, share best practices and unlock potential opportunities through collaboration and partnerships. Striving towards excellence, this forum aims at engaging regional and international stakeholders across the operators, technology providers, policymakers and academia to capitalize on investment, innovation and growth in a safe and sustainable environment. 

Oliver Wyman Session

Digital Transformation in Downstream

February 15, 2023 | 10:00-11:00 GST

Digital transformation is inevitable for the downstream industry to survive and thrive. It helps to increase plant efficiencies, increase productivity and reduce operating cost by leveraging a plethora of IR4.0 technologies such as AI, Augmented Intelligence, AIoT, ML, VR/MR, Big Data Analytics, and Cloud computing. These technologies could become the corner stone in achieving Autonomous Plants (self-learning, self-optimizing and self-sustaining).



  • Norm Gilsdorf | Senior Consultant, Honeywell 
  • Dr. Pratap Nair | President & CEO, Ingenero Inc 
  • Nayef Al Otaibi | Vice President - Digital Transformation, Saudi Aramco 
  • Steven Qi | Senior Vice President, Customer Success, Aspen Technology


For insights on the 'Digital Transformation in Downstream' panel discussion, read Digital transformation in the downstream industry: how can we get it right? by Nadim Haddad:

Oliver Wyman Speaker


Exhibition World Bahrain

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