Revenue Solution


Personalized offers and experiences at mass scale to unlock customer value

Oliver Wyman's customer management platform Orchestra is a one-to-one marketing solution that generates personalized next best actions for each and every customer to drive value, increase loyalty, and personalize the customer experience.

Oliver Wyman brought an excellent combination of business understanding, data science knowledge and teaming spirit. The initial results (from the commercial engine) are highly promising, and I am totally convinced about the potential of the route we initiated with Oliver Wyman.
CMO of a global top 10 telecom company

ContextFor mature B2C companies, most of the economic value lies in their existing customer base. As customer expectations rise and shopping around becomes easier, customer-centricity is increasingly critical for moving beyond transactions towards building true customer loyalty. It requires a shift towards a customer-centric mindset and will ultimately maximize profit potential. 


Revenue Solution

The AI-led customer management platform harmonizes data sets and customer perspectives across a company. It enables personalized omnichannel offers and communication, driving customer engagement and maximizing value from customers. Customer feedback is captured continuously, fostering a virtuous learning cycle.


Our Orchestra platform has driven reduction in churn by 5% in 12 months. Combined with an advanced customer base management system, the platform has proven impact of 2-4% incremental revenue and 4-10% increase in EBITDA.