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Lorenzo Miláns del Bosch
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Lorenzo is a Partner in the Communications, Media and Technology practice at Oliver Wyman’s office in Madrid.

His PhD in Theoretical Physics wired his brain for one of the key elements of his profession: solving problems. His MSc in Science and Innovation Management has helped him develop a good understanding of microeconomics, which is essential when it comes to addressing strategic-related projects.

Outside of his work, Lorenzo exercises his creative side:

My two hobbies are philosophy and playing guitar, and I devote a significant part of my leisure time to them. I feel that both of these hobbies make my “persona” better, rounding me out and expanding my mind. And, in some way, I believe that they also make me a better consultant.

Before joining Oliver Wyman, Lorenzo was a Director in the microeconomic consulting firm NERA in Madrid. Prior to that he was Strategy Head of Airtel (Vodafone) and worked for other strategic consultancy firms exercising positions of responsibility.

My clients tend to seek me out because I listen to them. I often work as a kind of sounding-board and, working together, there don’t tend to be many problems that we can’t solve! If I were to offer any advice to anyone entering this field, I’d recommend that they stick to Oliver Wyman’s values 100% – that way you can’t go wrong.