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Beatriz Lacave
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Beatriz, who holds a Master’s in industrial engineering from the ICAI School of Engineering, at Universidad Pontificia de Comillas in Madrid, advises a broad range of telecom clients in Europe, South America, Northern Africa, South East Asia, and Australia. “I advise all types of clients in the telco space, from infrastructure heavy incumbents to ultra-lean challengers” she says.

In my view, engineering couples very nicely with consulting since you are recurrently exposed to problem solving and both require good doses of creativity.

Her areas of focus are strategy, M&A, competitive dynamics and customer value management, leveraging advanced analytics. Over the past three years, she’s co-created Oliver Wyman’s customer base transformation (CBT) platform, which employs machine-learning analytics to help clients in subscription-based businesses develop their customer base to its full potential. “The CBT platform integrates radical customer centricity, big data, AI, and omni-channel capabilities to determine which action is best for each and every customer at any moment in time,” says Beatriz. “We have already deployed the platform in several fixed and mobile operators across Europe and Latin America (Australia will follow shortly) with excellent economic, operational, and transformational results.”

She’s seen her work make an impact on customers, as well as clients. “In addition to sustained top-line growth, the CBT platform delivers fully personalized commercial offers that have contributed to increase TNPS,” Beatriz notes. “In-app tailored recommendations, which can be redeemed in just three clicks, have also helped to accelerate the transition to digital.”

But it’s not all work, all the time. Beatriz is passionate about water sports and boating. “I have the scuba diving PADI Open Water Certification and a sailing license for boats up to 24 meters,” she says.