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What We Do

We help our clients to design, realize and sustain value growth, creating a step change in performance that endures.
All around your business, the forces of change are accelerating. But are you driving that change, or reacting to it? Are you pivoting enough to stay ahead? And, as important, is your focus aimed in the right direction?

Whether you’re after positive disruption, shifting your trajectory to get ahead, or realigning to improve performance, we help you through all aspects of a successful transformation that endures.

We start by applying our deep industry knowledge and multi-disciplinary thinking to create an insights-led design. We calibrate that design precisely to your challenge and opportunities, and work collaboratively with you to create a plan that your people truly own. We don’t simply leave you with a roadmap, but build the operating model, capabilities, and culture to execute the change and realize quantifiable value.

Our areas of expertise
We bring together unparalleled industry expertise with a data-led approach that unearths bold moves to create a leap in performance.
We co-create with our clients to build industry-leading capabilities that drive action and de-risk the future. We shape a change agenda you can deliver with confidence.
We help clients create the conviction and commitment to unlock transformation from the inside out, with the flexibility and controls to ensure enduring impact.
Sustainable transformation is not about a ‘big bang’ approach. Impact is achieved by rigorously crafting actions that bridge the strategy-execution gap and drive consistent change

What We Think

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Collaboratively, we helped a food processing company increase their maturity level across all functions for a more effective operating model. It came with detailed process descriptions, including an IT implementation roadmap, governance, a responsibility assignment matrix, and associated key performance indicators. We identified a potential €100 million of earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) with these changes.

We realized an improvement of earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) margin of six percentage points for a European automotive manufacturer with a transformation plan of our design. It utilized a holistic approach addressing a wide set of levers, combining cost-reduction levers (like product cost down, reducing spend, optimizing CAPEX) with sales and margin improvement levers (like digital- and intelligence-based sales campaigns).

We helped a large inter-dealer broker organization stay relevant in a rapidly changing market by developing an ambitious, detailed three-to-five years growth strategy. Aligning across siloes, divisions, functions, and regions, the organization was engaged to take ownership of the result. If successfully implemented, we estimate around a 100% increase in earnings and a threefold increase in market valuation over a five-year horizon.



A New Era For Adolfo Domínguez

Adolfo Domínguez is a successful fashion brand known for its commitment to handmade clothing, natural materials, and sustainability. Founded in 1976, it broke away from traditional styles for fluid silhouettes. The brand's use of linen and its iconic phrase "wrinkles are beautiful" emphasized the beauty of natural folds. Despite challenges, including a factory fire, they expanded internationally and became the first Spanish fashion company to go public.


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