Paul Cantwell

Partner, Finance & Risk and Public Policy
Paul Cantwell is a Partner in Oliver Wyman’s Finance & Risk and Public Policy Practices in the Americas. For much of his career he was focused on large scale technology and its impact on business strategy.

Paul has led some of the largest bank wide programs for the world’s financial institutions.  In the late 90s he lead programs to introduce the Euro for the large banks in London, Following this he lead programs to deliver the large scale platforming that was required as banks responded the changing industry landscape with deregulation and a shift to internet delivery becoming the new normal.  His background as a systems engineer served him well as he increasingly focused on strategy and the change management required delivering measureable performance improvements.

For the last 5 years Paul has been leading support for the GSIBSs (Globally Systemically Important Banks) in the creation of their “living wills”.  Supporting all of the US GSIBs and a number of European banks Paul has gained perhaps a unique understanding of how these banks actually work and what drives behaviors within them. Besides his work with banks he has worked globally with a number of regulators in the formation of their policy.

Paul is co-leading Oliver Wyman’s support for banks in addressing the LIBOR transition. The substantial economic implications combined with customer and counterparty impact across a broad range of products and processes makes this perhaps the largest challenge the industry has seen in a long time.  The need for thoughtful and coordinated responses will be an imperative.

Paul is a firm expert in complex change programs and their linkage to business results.  Based in London and New York he has worked extensively throughout Europe and ASIAPAC.