Joris D'Incà

Express & Logistics Sector Leader, Surface Transportation
Joris helps clients prepare for the future – staying up-to-date with the newest technology and customer behavior patterns and building new business designs. He’s helped dozens of transport and logistics companies become more profitable, especially in the logistics, maritime, rail, infrastructure, and postal services.

Joris has seen much of the world. He has worked in countries across the globe, crossing continents from Europe and South-East Asia to North America not counting extensive travelling during his childhood. He's ideally suited to his role as Transportation Consultant at Oliver Wyman.

I'm passionate about transportation because it reminds us that, despite digitalization, we still need to physically move people and goods. And transport is a great metaphor for life: always trying to catch up with time and changing sceneries.

In his spare time, Joris is a keen cyclist, frequently taking his bike to the Dolomites mountain in the North East of Italy.

He also looks at the bigger picture. In his 20 years of experience in the transportation, machinery and engineering industry he's developed an awareness of the ways in which improved transport can make a huge difference to people across the planet:

The most rewarding experiences of my career have been helping to build transportation infrastructure in developing countries that changes people’s lives, and helping incumbent transportation companies adapt to market disruption.