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Joris D'Incà
Partner, Global Head of Logistics and Market Leader of Switzerland
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Joris, who is based in Zurich, specializes in the transportation and logistics industries, particularly in maritime and rail transportation, infrastructure, and postal services. 

For him, working in the sector is the fulfillment of a dream. "I’ve always been fascinated by travel and transport; as a kid, I was dreaming of adventures in faraway places, and later started seeing it as the symbol of constant change ⁠— sometimes challenging but most often enriching," says Joris. "I developed a passion for everything that moves people and goods – from large vessels, aircraft, and locomotives, to cars and bikes."

Transport has always been a driver of the development of societies and humanity. We’re in a time of rapid change today, and I would like to contribute to the next chapters of transportation supporting the development of new business models and technologies that are here to stay

Joris works on issues of developing and executing growth strategies, optimizing business portfolios, mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, and optimizing the supply chain. "I support my clients in the logistics and transportation industry when large-scale transformations are needed, or when they want to strengthen their value growth agenda," he says. "I try to focus on the opportunities that the big wave of change impacting the industry bring: digitalization, rapid development of new markets, and e-commerce, to name just a few."

As someone who studied the machines and mechanical systems behind transport in combination with the supply chains and networks that make them work together like clockwork, he brings a unique perspective to his work. Businesses, he believes, are made up of a complex system of various stakeholders: shareholders, management, employees, clients, and subcontractors. "Successful businesses are not just about delivering good quarterly financial results – they also need to make all the stakeholders proud of being part of the business," Joris says. "The best moments in my career were when I got out of the door at the client after an engagement with the certainty to have contributed to that or even have attracted new people and partners to the business."

Besides work, he is a passionate cyclist. "In my free time, I can be found cycling on my road bike in the mountains, when possible in my beloved Dolomites, enjoying the seamless experience of human effort, high tech, and breathtaking nature."