From our society to yours

Welcome to the Oliver Wyman for Society Digital Magazine: Where inspiration meets action, and our colleagues are on a mission to transform lives. From local community charities to global game-changers, these stories illuminate the impact of our partnerships.

Oliver Wyman’s mission is to deliver lasting change for our clients and make a significant, meaningful impact on society. In 2023, our colleagues also stepped up and shared their time and expertise to improve lives.

In this year’s edition of the Oliver Wyman for Society Digital Magazine, we’re proud to showcase a few inspiring stories from around the globe. One such example is our work with the UNHCR’s Refugee Environmental Protection (REP) Fund, a UNHCR project aiming to support sustainability through reforestation initiatives around refugee settlements. It is funded by grants and carbon financing, meaning funding will be sustainable and predictable in the long term. We also catch up with TechnoServe, one of the most active nonprofit partners in our Nonprofit Fellowship program, to learn how our Fellows have impacted the organizations they support. Since teaming with TechnoServe 15 years ago, we’ve supported 24 Fellows in 14 countries. It’s remarkable the difference we can make when we reach out to one another, no matter how near or far the journey.

I hope that these stories encourage us all to continue pushing for change, making a difference, and creating a safe and healthy world for everyone.

Nick Studer, CEO, and the Oliver Wyman for Society team