Social Impact

Empowering Young Minds Through Educational Equity

A new study for Allianz Chance+ helped the charity enhance educational opportunities for young people from modest socio-economic backgrounds

Allianz Chance+ is an organization that advocates for fair educational opportunities for young people from modest socio-economic backgrounds. Despite their drive and aptitude they are frequently excluded or discouraged from reaching their full potential in secondary education. Allianz Chance+ works in the gap between primary and secondary education to help ensure that these young people have the support and opportunities they need to successfully transition to further study and to reach their vocational or professional goals. 

The organization focuses on identifying untapped potential in young individuals and supports them in developing their talents. To achieve this, Allianz Chance+ combines practical knowledge with insights from sociological and educational research to make recommendations for school practices and education policies.

Ensuring equal access to education should be a fundamental right for all ­— it’s an opportunity for the economy but also important for the development of society. We need the ideas, energy, and courage of all young people who can and want to contribute to the future
Joris D’Incà, Partner and market leader Switzerland, Oliver Wyman

We partnered with Allianz Chance+ on a study that aimed to quantify the economic opportunities associated with empowering young individuals from underprivileged backgrounds. These individuals, who represent a significant but often overlooked talent pool, require sustainable solutions to promote and support their educational journey. The study, titled "Leveling The Playing Field In Education," is the first comprehensive assessment of the economic potential that can be unlocked through educational equality in Switzerland. It is supplemented by in-depth interviews with top executives and education experts, as well as a broad-based survey of young people about the obstacles they face on their learning and career paths.

The study received a tremendous response from media, the business community, and the education sector. This heightened visibility provided Allianz Chance+ with funding opportunities and helped enhance their reputation. The exposure also increased the organization's visibility among foundations, regulators, and its target group of young individuals in need of support.

It was clear to us that the involvement of a renowned consultancy firm would open unique opportunities for promoting educational equality in Switzerland. Oliver Wyman provides innovative impetus, expands our fields of action, and strengthens our network, for the benefit of thousands of underestimated talents, as well as the economy and society
Jürg Schoch, President, Allianz Chance+