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Navigating Towards A Circular Economy

Explore how we are empowering the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s pioneering vision of a circular economy

For 13 years, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) has been at the forefront of the circular economy, promoting innovative solutions for environmental concerns to C-suite businesses and global policymakers. EMF was founded by Dame Ellen MacArthur, who became the fastest solo sailor around the world in 2005 when she circumnavigated the globe in 71 days. Her journey alone at sea — when all she had were her ingenuity and the finite resources on her boat — inspired her to find new ways to bring circularity to the world. It is a journey Oliver Wyman is proud to be involved in, as we partner with EMF on our shared sustainability and social impact goals.

Our most recent social impact project with EMF charts a new course for the foundation’s long-term strategy. As it continues to help companies find inventive solutions for environmental challenges, EMF also recognized the need to upgrade its current operating model for even greater impact. In doing so, EMF can help expedite the transition towards a circular economy.

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Helping EMF set sail on a fresh trajectory

Our goal was to conduct a comprehensive analysis of EMF’s operational setup and provide recommendations to enhance organisational effectiveness in alignment with its 2030 strategic vision. We helped EMF in identifying areas for improvements in organisational architecture, refining the strategic resource allocation process, incentivizing its leadership team, enhancing talent management practices, and formulating a new location strategy. Through these efforts, we could enable the foundation’s commitment to environmental sustainability, contributing to a greener future that benefits everyone.

The impact of our project was profound, as our final report served as a guiding light for the foundation in structuring its strategic thinking. By conducting a comprehensive assessment and developing tangible, actionable recommendations, we enabled EMF to address long-standing challenges hindered its progress to the 2030 vision. With newfound clarity and confidence, the foundation is now empowered to align its operations with its ambitious 2030 strategy and improve its operational efficiency across its organisational structure, strategic resource allocation process, leadership team set-up and new location strategy. This push towards a more mature organisation will drive significant advancement in tackling environmental problems and promoting circular economy. 


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