Social Impact

Paving The Way For Sustainable Housing

With a new market-entry strategy, Habitat for Humanity Germany’s ReStore charity shops are set to help more people towards sustainable housing

Habitat for Humanity is an international organization dedicated to providing stable and dignified homes to people worldwide. Since its establishment in 1976, it has assisted more than 35 million people in improving their housing situation through various initiatives, including home construction, renovations, and disaster relief.

The independent German branch of Habitat for Humanity, based in Cologne, engages in both global humanitarian projects and local initiatives, such as aiding flood relief efforts and housing refugees from Ukraine. Habitat for Humanity primarily relies on donations and public grants for financing, but some international locations also generate income through ReStores, which sell donated furniture and hardware items, benefiting low-income households and promoting a circular economy.

The Oliver Wyman team has helped us greatly with extensive expertise and high motivation in assessing the feasibility of ReStores in the German market. We are very pleased and grateful for the successful collaboration
Gereon Fischer, CEO, Habitat for Humanity Germany

Crafting a sustainable business model

Oliver Wyman supported Habitat for Humanity Germany in developing a strategy for introducing the ReStore concept in the German market. The initial analysis provided transparency on the current status and derived opportunities and risks. Based on this, the Oliver Wyman team created and quantified a business plan. For instance, regarding the product range, the goal was to primarily offer categories such as furniture, appliances, and fast-moving non-food items, all sourced from corporate and private donations. Ideally, the location should be in a B-location, as the rental costs otherwise wouldn’t be proportionate due to the large, required space.

I am happy that our comprehensive experience and expertise in retail strategies can contribute to such a good cause. The team enjoyed the collaboration, and we now cross our fingers for a successful implementation by the Habitat team
Rainer Münch, Leader of the European Retail and Consumer

The developed business plan, including its strategic dimensions, provides Habitat for Humanity Germany with the necessary framework to raise the required investment funds for the ReStore concept and subsequently commence targeted implementation. This will lead to social and environmental impacts and generate resources to help those in need worldwide. Additionally, the stores contribute to increased brand visibility and create employment opportunities.