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Preparing Workforces To Succeed In A Digital Future

We collaborated with FutureDotNow on a new strategy to close the digital skills gap in working adults

Essential digital skills are the core abilities needed to exist comfortably and safely in the digital world. These include the foundational skills to be safe and confident online, such as how to communicate and collaborate online, how to use digital skills and online tools to solve problems, how to transact safely online, and how to find, manage, and store digital information. It’s easy to assume that most people in the workforce have these skills — aren’t we all on our smartphones all the time? — but research showcased by the UK charity FutureDotNow has shown that 54% of working-age adults do not have all the digital skills needed to be safe and productive online. That is why the organization is working with business and the government to close the essential digital skills gap, to ensure all working adults can thrive in their workplace and be resilient and ready for the digital future.

We helped FutureDotNow to redefine its mission statement and to identify a 2024 delivery plan that can be immediately actioned. As a result, FutureDotNow has a planned three-pronged execution program, including a set-up phase, roadmap activation phase, and strategy implementation phase. We are also teaming up with Salesforce to steer a group of industry leaders focused on enhancing digital skills in the workforce.

In November 2023, we co-hosted a flagship event at MMC Tower Place office to launch FutureDotNow’s strategy to industry and government stakeholders. It provided a platform to showcase the remarkable initiatives FutureDotNow is undertaking and the positive effects these efforts are expected to have on the UK workforce. This gathering was not just a celebration of our partnership but also a chance to highlight the transformative work being done for the betterment of the UK’s employment landscape.

The Oliver Wyman team were engaged, responsive, and thoughtful, and were instrumental in accelerating FutureDotNow’s work to translate recommendations to action
Liz Williams MBE, Chief Executive , FutureDotNow