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Women Political Leaders

Woman Political Leaders (WPL) is a not-for-profit organization consisting of a global network of women politicians. Welcoming all affiliations, their mission is to increase the number and influence of women in political leadership positions. This is driven by a desire to demonstrate the importance of women in roles with potential for global impact.

Legal equality is of utmost importance across the globe and so by increasing the representation of women in politics, this goal is one step closer to being achieved
Katie McCarthy, Consultant, Oliver Wyman

The nonprofit and its network turned to Oliver Wyman to understand the correlation between women in politics and legal equality regarding data showing that women are not treated equally in legislation.

Oliver Wyman worked on analyzing 20 case studies on countries across the globe creating a digestible narrative that will be available for the broader public.

As a result of the team’s work, research findings demonstrate a correlation between a higher number of women in political leadership as well as an increase in legal equality between women and men. This lays the foundation for future work, investigating more aspects of legal equality, such as societal change, including attitudes towards women with gender roles and stereotypes. Moreover, the construction of a new design concept for Woman Political Leaders (WPL) focused on representation matters provides an additional potential for future research.

I am following my convictions – and one is that representation matters. How could I not support this worthwhile endeavor
Dominik Weh, Partner, Oliver Wyman