Social Impact

Catalyzing Change For Gender Equity With The WOW Foundation

Working with The WOW Foundation, we created a roadmap to help improve the lives of millions of women, girls, and non-binary people around the world

The WOW Foundation exists to build, convene and sustain a global movement that believes a gender equal world is desirable, possible and urgently required. Founder Jude Kelly established the first WOW festival in 2010 with the goal to establish, bring together, and uphold a worldwide movement that advocates for gender equality — because women, girls, and non-binary people deserve to live in a world that is safe, accepting, and supportive. Since its launch, The WOW Foundation’s reach has expanded across 45 countries and six continents, touching the lives of more than five million women and girls — reaching 65 million people a year through events, campaigns and media. Through festivals and events, WOW uses the power of the arts to advocate and bring together people from all walks of life to work together in their own communities to effect change. To date, there have been over 100 WOW Festivals around the world with events running all year round.

While the rapid expansion of WOW is undoubtedly remarkable, it also serves as an opportune moment to reflect on the accomplishments and explore innovative avenues for the future. This includes proactively fostering growth and collaborative partnerships, positioning the foundation to effectively support its ongoing evolution and collective endeavours. And this is precisely where Oliver Wyman stepped in to help. 

It was such an enjoyable experience, and it has been transformational for us to have your detailed and expert knowledge, guidance, and processes to help us make strategic sense of the huge potential of our global network and our future growth. We can’t thank you enough
Jude Kelly, Founder and CEO, The WOW Foundation

From vision to impact —  how we amplified WOW’s influence

We were brought in to assist WOW in crafting a worldwide operational framework. Over the course of eight weeks, we engaged with 25 stakeholders from 11 countries, conducting design sessions and one-on-one discussions. Our aim was to understand the strengths and potential within WOW’s ongoing global initiatives.

In collaboration with WOW, we evaluated its vision, mission, and global undertakings. Our focus extended to creating an ideal structure that fosters collaboration, easier knowledge exchange, and stronger global connections among members.

This project was an incredible experience and has made me a better consultant. Working in a start-up charity environment means that the work has to be very intentional and aligned with their values. I highly recommend working on a social impact project
Team member

The Oliver Wyman team played a crucial role in developing a comprehensive plan for the integration of a global operational framework. This plan closely aligns with WOW’s vision, which seeks drive transformative change in global gender equity.