Pilot Training Bubble

Speakers: Geoff Murray, Jeff Green

This podcast was first published June 02, 2020

Getting carriers back into service at the end of the current Covid-19 crisis could run up against a perhaps unexpected obstacle: a shortage of simulator capacity for pilots. In this episode of the Oliver Wyman Velocity Podcast, join Geoff Murray, Partner and Jeff Green, Engagement Manager as they discuss how the decisions airlines are making now; such as how many pilots to staff, how many to furlough and what type of aircraft to fly, can have important consequences for training demand later on.  Something which we are calling the ‘pilot training bubble.’

The current economic challenges are not only likely to be more severe and protracted than previous downturns, but unique, in that it will significantly stress training infrastructure. The unprecedented nature of the crisis – and eventual recovery – could create a demand for pilot training that outstrips capacity in several ways, this latest episode delves deeper into industry challenges and offers solutions.

As airlines look toward recovery, managing pilot training demand and capacity must be a priority. Flight operations departments would do well to ’mind the training bubble’ and start planning ahead, to help carriers emerge from the crisis more quickly.