Seamless Traveller Journey: Emerging Models Overview & Findings Report

This report was written in collaboration with the World Travel & Tourism Council. 

We are seeing the strain on infrastructure in the Travel & Tourism sector increasing throughout many parts of the world. These pressures are expected to mount in coming years as the result of many factors driving widespread global change

Coupled with risks in the geopolitical sphere, the volume of people travelling annually has been rapidly increasing, making it imperative that we act now to seek and refine solutions that will reduce these growing pressures and ensure the global traveller can continue to cross borders efficiently and safely. Technological advances around biometrics show strong opportunities to achieve both goals as well as promote industry-wide growth.

With these considerations in mind, WTTC and Oliver Wyman present the Seamless Traveller Journey: Emerging Models Overview & Findings report. In this report, we examine the core categories of emerging models for data and traveller facilitation within the airline and airport ecosystem: 1) “Government” Model, 2) “Per Trip” Model, 3) “Per Life” Model. The report then assesses each model individually and comparatively using robust frameworks in order to provide the Seamless Traveller Journey’s initial perspective on extensions of existing models for end-to-end travel and data facilitation across all segments of the traveller journey.

These perspectives will continue to be refined as we analyse solutions that align the interests of organisations throughout the Travel & Tourism sector (across air, hotel, cruise, car rental, and government) and proactively manage data privacy risks that are inherently born of an integrated, technological solution. The final Seamless Traveller Journey solution will strive to position both the traveller and the Travel & Tourism stakeholder for success amidst rapidly accelerating change.

Seamless Traveller Journey: Emerging Models Overview & Findings Report