Supply Chain Essential Functions

Critical need for national freight standards

Published in Journal of Commerce on April 8th


Meeting Transportation Needs Efficiently

The supply chain is a hierarchy of multi-modal and integrated functions that must all be preserved and protected together from disruption. Bottlenecking or eliminating any link in the chain will impact the flow of goods throughout the whole system.

To that end, the exhibit below identifies the critical freight transportation and logistics functions and roles that should be part of a detailed national standard – across all modes, for shippers of all sizes, and for both domestic and international shipments.

All of the entities shown are critical to keeping supplies flowing: Makers – such as manufacturers, packagers, and distributors – produce and direct goods through the transportation system. Movers – such as ports, motor carriers, railroads, and third-party logistics providers – physically move or coordinate the movement of goods. And mobilizers –from hotels and fuel stops to spare parts makers and repair services – provide the support services necessary to keep the system functioning…


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Essential Freight Transportation and Logistics Functions and Roles