Insurance Insights - Q2 2019

The rapid pace of change in today's insurance industry means there are many lingering questions for business leaders. Oliver Wyman's Insurance Insights examines major industry themes, enabling businesses to turn challenges into tomorrow's opportunities.


Executive Conversations with Callie Thomas, Head of Strategy, Blackboard Callie Thomas shares her perspective on reimagining commercial insurance. As AIG's InsurTech startup, Callie tells us how Blackboard is helping the company to modernize and transform its middle market insurance business.


The Greenfield Approach: Accelerating A New Era of Growth and Innovation in Insurance

Featured in FinTech Futures: This article looks at how the rise of InsurTechs, together with cost effective, flexible digital technology tools and platforms is creating growth and innovation in the insurance industry.

Striving for Operational Resillience: The Questions Boards and Senior Management Should Ask

Achieving operational resilience is inherently challenging given the increasing complexity of processes, technology infrastructure, and organizational silos. However, the business benefits go beyond pure risk and compliance, often forming an inherent part of a firm’s value proposition.


The Technology-Enabled Digital Insurer

The technology needs of insurers are evolving. This article explores trends, comparisons with other industries and sets out what we believe to be the key pillars of a digital insurer’s technology strategy.