Digitalization Of The Construction Industry

The revolution is underway

The time is right to set up a real digital strategy in construction. For continuous success in the years to come, it is essential to launch a real digital strategy.

The formerly so called “brick and mortar” industry is entering the digital age. The digital push is accelerating and even if construction industry players are still confused and hesitant about the change and new technologies, the time has come for them to develop a real digital strategy. Many players have created innovation labs and launched “proof of concept” (POC) explorations, often through local business unit initiatives, to test possible options and to remain open to possibilities without investing too heavily. Those local experiences are not sufficient anymore to ensure success in the future and to be on top of the wave for the years to come. 

It is important to note that while the necessary digital evolution can be a threat if not approached properly, it is mainly a land of opportunities both regarding cost efficiency, as well as regarding top-line client experience improvement and offer differentiation. Market player positions and values will be deeply impacted if today’s leading players do not catch the ball in time.

Digitalization Of The Construction Industry

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La Digitalisation du secteur de la Construction

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