Lead Through Listening

Emerging traits for the contact center leader.

by Narayan Nallicheri, Vivek Sen, and Will Meneray

It is hardly an easy time (if there ever was one) to lead a contact center. The past two decades have been a blur of ceaseless change in how companies connect with their customers. The digital revolution, and more recently, the emergence of mobile technologies, have raised customer expectations and spawned new demands for constant connectivity, access, and convenience across interaction channels. This has cost fortunes to build and challenged almost everything companies knew or believed about service and dealing with customers.

If you lead a contact center today, the reality is that your job description has completely changed, likely more than you or your colleagues realize. Customer experience is now the Holy Grail of every business and there is no greater opportunity (or risk) to deliver that superior experience and extract value than a contact center. You are no longer a back office service provider. You are a critical weapon in the organization and fundamental to realizing your organization’s strategy.

So how should you think about your role? Read Oliver Wyman's latest report to learn about the three characteristics that contact center leaders must adopt to succeed and transform contact center operations.

Lead Through Listening