Global Health Strategy Hub

Oliver Wyman offers global solutions to healthcare's most pressing issues.

Oliver Wyman designs and delivers integrated care systems that improve patient care and ensure resources are directed towards those most in need. Central to this is the development of new care models; incentives and outcomes systems; and the enabling technology and IT infrastructure.

We bring an extensive network of experts from around the world who have real, hands-on experience of establishing integrated systems, often in challenging circumstances. In the pursuit of better care we also innovate with technology and pharmaceutical companies.

Integrating Health and Social Care

The UK government asked Oliver Wyman to map out how health and social care could be successfully integrated. Drawing on examples from the best systems around the world, our work highlights the importance of a tailored approach for each local area and how to approach historically difficult areas like data sharing and contracting. 


Integrating Health and Social Care


2017 UK Health Innovation Centre

This event looked at a better way forward for integrating care in the NHS. We assembled a broad and experienced group from across the public and private sectors to share their passion and experiences of delivering integrated care at scale. The agenda included UK and international speakers and panelists working on the issues of getting to scale and replicating the new models – either in traditional systems or using new technology – and their successes and challenges.