The Future of Cancer Care: Making the Pieces Fit

The cancer landscape is ripe for change, the sort of change that leads to better care for patients, lower costs and greater participation. But how big is the opportunity and what is required to capture it?

Oliver Wyman research – based upon years working with leading international cancer centres, community care systems and commissioners of cancer care – shows that strong fundamentals are propelling the need for cancer care but that the existing cancer care delivery model is unable to consistently provide excellent cancer care at an affordable cost. In our recent article, we highlight successful and growing organisations that have overcome the very real challenges of the current model, and discuss how services can be transformed to deliver truly excellent cancer care.

Oliver Wyman believes the future of cancer care requires a holistic approach (see exhibit left) that fundamentally changes the health and cost effectiveness equation for patients. This vision of the future is compelling, but the path to excellence and better cost effectiveness is difficult and presents many real barriers. Our article outlines both the opportunities and challenges, presenting a roadmap in order to make the strategic and clinical transformation.

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The Future of Cancer Care: Making the Pieces Fit