Beating The Hiring Cycle

Oil And Gas Companies Need To Redesign Their Human Resources Processes

In the past 12 months, oil and gas companies have been forced to do an about-face and shift from preparing for a shortage of experienced employees to shrinking their abundant workforces.

The turnabout illustrates the long-term staffing challenge for the oil and gas industry. Many organizations handled worker shortages in recent years by developing forward-looking human resource strategies and investing in programs such as strategic workforce planning. But the drop in energy prices is both sharper and more pronounced than the prior upward trend.

What can energy firms do to halt the frenzied hiring-and-layoff cycle?  In this article we discuss how empowering human resources departments could be the answer.

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How Can Oil & Gas Firms Beat the Hiring Cycle

Oil and gas companies need to redesign their human resources processes.

Jay Doherty, John Koob, Keric Morris

Beating The Hiring Cycle