Reserving the Travel Experience

When it comes to reservations, hoteliers could learn from cruise operators. For decades, the hotel industry has thought of a reservation as a single transaction, a point-in-time purchase by a traveler through a channel. But the cruise industry has always thought of a reservation as an itinerary. The booking scope includes pre- and post-cruise flights and accommodations, a cabin, onboard amenities like spa treatments and dinner reservations, and excursions, like snorkeling, at each port of call.

Winning the battle for the retail consumer requires the hotel industry to broaden the scope of a reservation and think of it more as a process that follows the customer throughout the pre-travel and travel experience. Ancillary revenue could be a critical profit lever for hotel companies. By making such bookings easier and more attractive to customers, hoteliers could boost profits and offer a booking experience that is differentiated from online travel agents.

This article first appeared in Hotel News Now.

Reserving the Travel Experience

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