Organizing for Growth in the Aerospace & Defense Industries

Key organizational challenges in the industry.

While strategic issues impacting this sector have been analysed at length, designing and implementing the right organization remains a key lever to both enable and achieve sustainable growth.

Major A&D companies need to overcome the organizational challenges associated with:

  • Creating the right organizational set-up to prepare the future while delivering short-term results
    • Developing an efficient footprint to balance global and local needs
    • Achieving the right power and resource distribution between:
      • Regions, business units and the corporate center (to achieve synergies and remain agile)
      • Programs and functions (for clear lines of command and matrix ways of working)
  • Re-inventing their products and conception processes to create and sustain demand
    • Design for customization to serve multiple customers using the right enabling platforms / catalogs
    • Migrating from ATA to functions and from make to systems integration
    • Implementing customer-oriented processes and developing a growth-nurturing culture
  • Doing more without more
    • Implementing organization and processes aimed at reducing cost and time to market
    • Gearing for growth and innovation in a very constrained environment
    • Increasing efficiency while maintaining a healthy cost base
  • Implementing new ways of working with customers and suppliers
    • Working with suppliers and customers in an ever more integrated manner
    • Keeping and developing critical skills and making efficient use of contractors
    • Building and executing complex deals involving offset agreements and offshoring of activities

Oliver Wyman is currently launching a study to further understand, qualify and quantify the required organizational levers and how they impact the long-term sustainable growth prospects within the aerospace and defense industry.



Oliver Wyman

In partnership with the Center for Aviation and Aerospace Leadership, we issued a recent survey to participants from major Aerospace companies based all over the world. The findings reveal some of the organizational factors within companies that can lead to higher than average growth.

Download the report, which provides a preliminary view of recent growth results within the sector, and take part in the broader study.

Project Team: Brian Prentice, Laurent Thomas, Geoff Murray, Sebastien Maire

Marketing manager: Jérémie  Dufoix

Organizing for Growth in the Aerospace & Defense Industries