Health Reform Strategy Hub

The US healthcare system is in a state of transition.

 At Oliver Wyman, we are committed to helping our clients understand and navigate the changes brought about by health reform. We draw on our broad industry knowledge to identify opportunities in the new environment, and we help stakeholders anticipate and adjust to changes.

This Health Reform Strategy Hub will serve as a library for our reform-related insights and analysis. Continually updated, this Hub is an important resource for health leaders seeking to stay abreast of the health reform debate and those looking to succeed in the new landscape.  

Read our policy paper and reform insights below. 


Given the number of Americans they insure – 16 times the number of people who obtain health coverage through the ACA exchanges – and their collective purchasing power – $668 billion a year – US employers are pivotal players in today’s healthcare system. In fact, because of their significant role in the marketplace, employers are uniquely positioned to help control healthcare spending and promote positive health outcomes.
This new policy brief from Marsh & McLennan (MMC), the parent company of Oliver Wyman, Mercer, Marsh, and Guy Carpenter, demonstrates how important it is that policymakers consider the perspective of US employers in any health reform discussion. This  brief urges legislators to consider the impact of health reform on US employers and the 177 million people who obtain health coverage through them and it provides four specific recommendations. For more on how reform may impact employers visit Oliver Wyman's sister company, Mercer.


Health Reform and American Businesses


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