How Payments Will Transform In 2021

Payments Plus Q4 2020

This may not have been the year we hoped for, but one thing rings true: 2020 represents an inflection point in the payments universe.

We started on the same course as in years past, but we are ending it years ahead of schedule. Digital payments are now the primary driver of most companies’ businesses

Looking ahead to 2021, two trends are all but certain: continued disruption from COVID-19, and new, unmet customer needs that will create business opportunities. Already, we are seeing verticals that historically had low digital payments penetration such as restaurants, B2B, and fuel experience surges in digital payments that are proving resilient as a new normal sets in.

In this edition of Payments Plus, you’ll find examples of the transformational work we are doing side-by-side with our clients to help them thrive in the post-pandemic world. Younger upstarts are rapidly stealing market share, and incumbents are becoming more agile to defend against them. The impact of our recent work covers all elements of the value chain, including retail, B2B, and corporate payments, and spans the globe.

Looking Ahead

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