Chinese Travelers Favor Domestic Destinations

This article was first published on March 23, 2020.

Oliver Wyman surveyed 1,000 Chinese travelers in March to understand how the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted their willingness to travel and their related preferences. The results found that 77 percent of Chinese travelers would consider domestic destinations for their first trip after the COVID-19 epidemic subsides. Moreover, 56 percent of those surveyed would be willing to spend more on traveling than before the start of the COVID-19 outbreak.

These results exceeded our expectations, particularly in regard to Chinese consumers’ willingness and eagerness to once again take trips. Though there are some changes with regard to

their traveling preferences, demand is still strong. We expect the domestic tourism market to recover soon after the epidemic subsides.

We believe that the increased cautiousness among Chinese travelers brings opportunities for the tourism industry, because consumers are now demanding higher safety and other requirements from the industry.

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